Essay Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The Misunderstood Solution
Imagine two best friends at work together. They work in the same area and do the same job. Let’s call them Eric and Sheila. Eric is an attractive, hardworking young man who wants to do well at everything he does. Sheila has similar qualities except that she has minor anxiety problems. Her coworkers and friends think that she worries too much and is often too stressed. In Eric and Sheila’s short breaks at work, they crack jokes, smile, and discuss simple problems. Sheila had progressively been becoming more overworked which put her in a tough bind. Eric was concerned for her. Sometime later in the month he had noticed that she arrived to work finally happy and relaxed. Eric and Sheila shared better moments in their time off now. He questioned to himself why there was such a change but didn’t look too much into it. Eric was happy for his best friend. Not so long after, Sheila called Eric after work in tears telling him that their boss confronted and fired her after finding marijuana in her desk office. Eric was shocked and extremely disappointed. He refused to comfort his new ex best friend. Sheila had lost a great friend was now unemployed. Was it fair that something harmless that aided an overworked woman in her career was the reason she lost her job and friend? Not only did cannabis (marijuana) calm Sheila, the legalization of marijuana can also solve government issues, and can be used for other important purposes besides recreational ones. According to James Schlarrman, “Pot has become demonized unfairly and frankly very ignorantly.” Many Americans today have shut out the consideration of marijuana for recreational use with their closed minds. They have no true reason as to why it should stay illegal other than moral values. Marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, is useful for relieving chronic pain, nausea from cancer chemotherapy, and lowering intraocular pressure for glaucoma. Marijuana’s main symptoms are euphoria, calmness, and anxiety. These symptoms depend on individual body reaction and consumption should be determined by the aid of these symptoms excluding anxiety. While marijuana has these body benefits, it also includes governmental ones as well. Consider the amount of money our government spends to fuel the “War on Drugs.” claims, “The drug war is responsible for hundreds of billions of wasted tax dollars and misallocated government spending, as well as devastating human costs that far outweigh the damage caused by drugs alone.” Legalizing marijuana is a simple solution to a huge problem. There would be no need for police to go under investigation to raid and find this substance. It will save their time and help them focus on more important investigations like robbery or murder rather than adults who simply want to feel better. Implementing this herb into stores will allow the government to apply a sin tax onto it like alcohol and tobacco. Since it is the most