Should Our Privacy Rights Be Limited? Essay examples

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Should Our Privacy Rights Be Limited?
By Jasminewolfeh Since 1789, Americans have always had their rights to their own privacy under the Fourth Amendment. The Amendment was created to stop unreasonable searches and seizures. However, due to the events in the September 11, attacks in 2001, the government had begun cracking down on security to protect their people. They've begun tracing cellphone bills and emails to track down terrorists. But some people feel that their privacy is being invaded by this turn of events. The most common tool used as communication between terrorists are the cellphone and emailing systems. The government realized this and had began to go through mailing lists and cellphone bills. They wouldn't "listen in" on calls, but they would see who is being called and how long the conversation was. Emails find certain key words to send to the government to help as well. But what about the rest of the people on these devices? They're also being monitored by the government. As well as social networking sites like Email, Facebook, and Twitter, there are also other ways to being monitored by the government as well. On most intersections and the corners of buildings, there are cameras placed to monitor for any suspicious characters. These are meant to watch for speeders, crime, and terrorists. When someone goes for a trip on an airplane, they are usually "patted down" and scanned for anything that may prove as a weapon or anything that can be used to harm people. Some people are uncomfortable with these things. Some feel they are unneccessary. So the question remains: Should privacy rights be limited? Honestly,