should parents be fined for bulling Essay

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Should parents be fined for bulling?
In my opinion parents shouldn't be fined, because there’s other ways to handle the situation. Have them sit down and have a one on one therapy. However some bulling is learned behavior where it’s going on in their household, or there living in an abusive home. Kids are getting this from somewhere, some kids are hurting are told to do such things.
Maybe the child’s parents to try and find out by themselves why there bulling people. If that doesn't work they should sit down one on one with a professional, and talk about the reasons why and what type of feelings the child is having, because some kids might need someone outside the family to talk to.
I feel like it could be learned behavior, due to an older sibling brother, cousins, that’s bulling them and talking down to them. That makes the child go back to school and does it to the fellow school mates; you really never know what’s really going on in someone else household. So a parent being fined for something they don’t even know where it’s coming from.
An abusive home can also be a reason why a child would go to school and beat on or talk about a weaker student in there school. Step father anybody hitting or verbally abusing a child will make child go to school and take they anger out on someone. Or seeing someone else being abused can make a child feel angry to where they want to seek revenge and cant so they take it out on someone else.
As I have gave solid information on, why I…