Should Phones Be Allowed In School

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In school, a big controversy is weather phones should be allowed in school or not. Banning phones would cause a lot of problems. Phones should not be allowed to be banned from the entire school. Parents buy their children phones so that they can have the option to contact them in an emergency. If there is an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately then the parents should have the right to directly contact their child. Same goes for the child if they have to contact their parents. Although the privilege of owning a cell phone and carrying it everywhere you go should not be abused, it should not be taken away. Cell phones are a great way to ensure parents that their children are ok, as in safe or if they need to be picked up. For example, if a parent had to pick up their child from school immediately because of an emergency it would take much longer for them to call the school and have the school give the message to the classroom and then to the student while also interrupting the class. If the student has their phone they could just walk out of the classroom quickly and handle the situation without any distractions of the whole class. It is understood that cell phones can be a distraction in class. Schools want their students to get good grades and do well but weather cell phones are allowed in school or not there will always be students that don’t care. If a student cares about being successful they will be and if they don’t care then they will fail. Cell phones can be a good resource in class also. In Spanish it can be used as English to Spanish dictionary. Also they can be used for math and science for a calculator. There are alternative ways for schools to reduce students