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Should Piano Major Students Attend the Recital Class?
In UCO, school of music, there is a rule, that every piano major student must take a class called: attended recital, some student’s think this is a great class for us to study from each other, but others students think this is might not be a good idea for us to take this class.
As for me, a piano major student, before this semester I was afraid to play piano in front of people, so in order to give me a chance to play more times in front of people. I have choose this class named “Attended Recital”, so every two weeks I need to go to the Central Transition L to play some piece I learned recently, for all the piano major students and the teachers. At the beginning of this semester that really feel I am very uncomfortable for that, but after a few weeks later I felt myself not that much uncomfortable and although I will still feel nervous but it is much better now. So I think all the piano major students should take this attend recital class, and it is good for us.
First of all, we might need that skill in the future, because our piano major students maybe will need to play in some performance, so it must have someone come to listen, if we get very nervous, then we will definably not play as well as we used to, so we need to get comfortable about it, attended recital class is a good chance to let us to play and get more comfortable.
Secondly, I think attended recital is a great opportunity to show our talent to our classmates and the teachers, and through this class we can hear some beautiful melody to broaden our vision of music composition, and also can help us learn from each other,
On the contrary, some people think the piano major students do not need it, not all the piano major students will play in front of people, because some of the students are just music education major not music performance, so they just need to know how to teach students. So they do not need to play in front of people.
Some of my friends did…