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Police Officers taking DNA after traffic stop?
Since the early 1990’s, 28 states have passed laws requiring DNA to be collected if the offense is serious, to where it will be put into a database, where it will “help” match offenders to an unsolved crime. It’s said to be that taking a swab of DNA from someone is “violating” the 4th amendment but some don’t believe that is true.
I do not agree to Officers being allowed to take a swab of my DNA, because they can accuse me of something I may have not done just because some sort of my DNA was found at crime scene.
A few reasons to why this may be bad are because if they found some sort of DNA at a crime scene and it goes back to you, you may be charged. Reason two is that the government and any Official may check a united database and see your DNA for some crime you may have committed. My final reason is that it’s bending the rules towards the 4th amendment (prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause).
They may accuse me or someone of doing something if my DNA was found at a crime scene, I would be considered a suspect in the crime.
Officers should not be allowed to take DNA on a serious traffic stop because it’s said that officers “abuse their power” when approaching curtain scenes. Letting Officers take DNA and putting them in a national database without a “warrant” is violating the 4th amendment.
That is why I think that Officers should not be able to take DNA samples at a traffic stop.
The officers and court may convict you for something you may not have done years ago, but found your DNA at the crime scene.
Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrested person’s DNA is not like fingerprinting and photographing a…