Should Police Use Body Cameras Essay

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Some law enforcement agencies have been using dashcams since the mid-1990s. Due to illegal use of force by police officers, protests erupted around the country, calling for the use of dashcams on police. Some might argue that the use of dashcams on police officers would cite privacy concerns, but majority says that police officers should be required to use body cameras. The reasons are that it will reduce police force, lessen the number of complaints, and also provide accurate details of an incident. To begin, the use of body cameras will reduce the use of force by police officers. In August 2014, an unarmed teenager was killed by a police shooting, and the police officer that was involved was not charge. Many people protested due …show more content…
As stated in 'Source Text 3', ''the use of body cameras should both reduce the use of force and lessen the need and the opportunity to lie about it''. This virtual statement will be a good thing in order to provide accurate details of an incident. Body cameras will provide police with the correct details to file out, a more accurate information. In brief, this would lessen complaints and also will provide a more corrects details of any incidents. Some might argue that police officers should not be required to use body cameras, but this is not true. They reasons might be because dashcams cite privacy concerns or lessen citizens relationship with police officers. They argument is not providing evidences to give a more accurate reason. Dashcams give citizens a more of a comfort due to police brutality. In some, dashcams should be require for police officers to use. In conclusion, police body cameras reduce the force use by police officers. Police dashcams lessen the complaints that people file against police officers. Body cameras provide correct details of many incidents. Overall, dashcams should be required by police