Should School Uniforms Be Paid

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Did you know the average cost of school uniforms is $250 dollars? That means of Mr.Viste require everyone in the school to buy uniforms the total amount would be about 125,000 dollars. School uniforms are not necessary for any school because they are very costly, they don't allow kids express themselves freely, uniforms actually attract bullies, and they are sometimes uncomfortable boring to wear.

School uniforms are very costly.Most middle schools in America have maybe about an average of 500 to 1000 kids or sometimes even more. If every student had to buy a couple uniforms it would be very expensive!The question is who would pay?The students? The parents? The schools? I don't know but if the schools required students or parents to pay it would be totally unfair. Some people don't have that kind of money...making the parents or students work overtime.Sadly the spending does not stop there. Kids are constantly growing out of clothes, so that means every time you grew out of your uniform you would have to make yet another costly purchase to buy a new one. $1 billion dollars is spent on school uniforms yearly.That's enough to buy you a round-trip to the moon!
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I know there is many other ways you could express yourself but for some kids what they wear is the only way of expression. Schools could get rid of uniforms by simply getting a school dress code that is