Should Schools Have Fried Potato Foods Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay

Schools should serve fried potato products for a number of reasons. One reason schools should serve fried potato products because not many people are allergic to them. Also they are a good side for many main foods like the burger, chicken, ribs, and steak. Most of those meals that were just stated are part of fast food meals. Plus once recess comes kids will be able to burn off the calories from all the fries the kids ate at lunch.

Most people like fries as a side for their main course meal. Since they are at restaurants and fast food restaurants why can not fries be in school lunches. It is because of the health department. They think you will get fat off of a couple fries. So far there is no tax on fries and it would save schools more money. Plus most school cafeterias have a frier, knives, and salt. So all they have to do is buy a bunch of potatoes, cut them up, and fry them, and
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It is very unlikely for a person to be allergic to fries and fried potato products. It is very uncommon for a person to be allergic to fries. Also potatoes are a vegetable and even when they become fries, they are still a vegetable. Since they are a vegetable schools should put fried potato products as a part of school lunches. Though the health department calls them unhealthy. So if fries are unhealthy and a vegetable, are vegetables unhealthy?

Another reason fries should be part of school lunches is because they do not have a lot of calories. In school kids will be able to burn off all the calories by recess is over. The health depo already ruined lunches by taking away the sweet things. So why should they be the same? The sweet things should atleast be replaced with something else. Plus fries don’t have many diseases in them so the health depo might agree with putting fries in school lunches. They are good for kids and kids like them as a side for most of their