Should Seniors Leave Between Classes

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Tyler Klein
2nd Quarter
1. Finish sentence “If I was allowed to do anything I want here at Woodlynde, I would…”
If I was allowed to do anything I want here at Woodlynde, I would, make myself the overseer for everything here at Woodlynde. I would do this so that I could approve of everything that goes on here and so that I could make it the best place for my friends and myself. I would make the school very enjoyable and I would change anything I did not like.

2. Argumentative and Persuasive on why seniors should be able to leave campus during free periods.
Seniors have traditionally been given the privilege of leaving campus during free periods so it continue to followed during the following years. Doing this would avoid the thoughts of the school favoring one class over another. Additionally, this would be a respectful gesture to the students who are about to graduate. Secondly, giving seniors the time to leave campus will let students get refreshed and have time to get ready for their next class. In college, students are given complete freedom as to where they go in between and during classes so it would not be a bad idea to let them get used to it now. These are all reasons that point to the benefits of letting seniors leave between classes.

Seniors have been able to leave campus when they have a period free before so they should be allowed to have that privilege now. It is unfair to the students if the school would only allow certain classes this privilege and I would personally be very upset. We are students who are getting ready to go to college so we should be allowed to have privileges we would have in college. This would be a nice