Should Student Athletes Be Drug Tested Essay

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Should Student athletes be drug tested?

Although high school students are not drug tested , they should be. Many may argue that it is unconstitutional and inappropriate but coaches should know what their athletes are doing to their bodies. If an athlete is committed to their sport, they would follow all rules pertaining to their desired sport. Students athletes should want to keep their bodies healthy and engaging in drugs can be very dangerous to their body. Drugs can change the way the athlete is performs on the court or the field. Drugs can have a negative effect on the student body and make them become more aggressive and ruthless and cause the team to have problems on the team.
Also high school students should be drug tested because it gets them in the routine for college. In college student who test positive for drugs are punished, and on a professional level, athletes that tested for a positive drug test are giving punishments like sitting out 1 or 2 games and even pay cuts. High school coaches train their students athletes so that the athlete can continue in the sport on a college level or a professional level, so giving the student athlete a drug test is preparing them for the future.
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After asking many high school students about the prompt, many agree with me, students should be drug tested. One student said he could tell the difference among his teammates,“students who smoke marijuana always complain that it is hard to breathe after doing simple workouts.”
If the athlete is under the influence during practice and the athlete falls out, the coach will not have a clue what happened to the students, so drug tests should be given to high school athletes. “Athletes on drugs are athletes who can get hurt badly”, said by Fox News