Should Teachers Be Paid by Performance? Essay

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Teachers are paid in order to provide students with experience and knowledge. The fact that a specific student is not doing well in class has a nothing to do with the teacher. Because of this, I strongly disagree with the idea of teachers getting paid by performance. If this plan was taken into account, teachers would acquire a lower payment due to bad students’ performances. Teachers could even lose their job. In addition, this implementation could lead teachers to become very rigid with students who do not behave well and have bad grades, in order to avoid low payments.

To begin with, the average of teachers’ salary would decrease, if they were paid according to students’ performances. Let us suppose that a class has 21 students. Among these students, four of them normally have a bad performance in class and none of them seem to be interested in getting good marks. The others students, however, present very good grades. That means that the majority of the students are considered good students. In my opinion, lowering the teacher’s payment because of these four students would be a total injustice. Thus, this would arise problems to the society; I think teachers should be paid according to their experiences.

Teachers would even have the possibility to lose their job if students kept maintaining a bad performance at school. Teachers, who really need work, would have to change their methods of studies in order to strengthen the student’s performances. However, if this did not work, it could lead universities and schools to fire these unfortunate teachers who were just trying to do their job. Children would become responsible for teacher’s job. For example, if a student does not like the teacher and has a great influence upon his classmates, he could lead them to perform badly in class. Thus, teachers would be in a bad