Should Technology Be Allowed In High School Classrooms?

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I believe that technology should be allowed in high school classrooms because it’s easier and more beneficial than using a textbook, students will be more engaged, and it prepares students for the future. Technology in the classroom has a very large role in education. Many schools have banned phones in the school, but I don’t think they should. Technology is everywhere in our world; everyone is using it. Even kids start using technology before they are five and will use it tell until they can't use it anymore.
There are many advantages for technology in the classrooms. Technology is much easier to use than using books, and it is also more entertaining for kids. The kids will be more engaged, instead of reading books while the kids are getting bored, daydreaming, or not paying attention. Technology promotes exciting ways to learn, it makes students interested in the assignment. You can do so much on a computer that is enjoyable to get an assignment done.
You can use multiple devices in the classrooms, you can use a tablet, computer, or phone etc. Phones can be used for a lot of things, you can look up information, read a book, listen to music, or play games in your free time. What I enjoy about having my phone is just listening to my own music, not the music
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Kids can get lazy by finding the answers really easy. They can easily copy and paste, so they won’t know what they are typing or saying in the assignment. Not everything on the internet is true, because there a many fake pages on the internet with fake information. People can also get distracted really easy, they could find an article that is interesting to them and read it instead of working on an assignment. There are lots of games on the internet that people are just dying to play. When everybody is on computers or tablets, the WiFi will be really slow, so that means people might not be able to look at information on the