Should Tennagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without Parent Consent? Essay

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Should Teenagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control without the Permission of Parents?
KaTrina Bacon
English 215
February 2, 2012
Dr.Sharonda Johnson

Should Teenagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control without the Permission of Parents?
Of all the many controversies that have affected the United States in the past decades, birth control has been one of the more important topics. Some popular birth control methods are the female and male condoms, and the birth control pill. Even though both of these help protect against pregnancy and the female and the male condoms help protect against HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This raises the question, should teenagers be allowed to receive birth control methods without their
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Many teens believed that they were pressured into having sex. But if the community has the strength to pressure teenagers into having sex, then society should be using education to help teach teenagers about how bad sex is before marriage.
Teenagers that is engaging into sexual activities before marriage is a major cause of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers often believe that they cannot get pregnant, or being a parent cannot happen to them, but the teenage pregnancy rate is on the rise every year. Being careless is a great factoring in teenage pregnancy, whether it is the use of contraceptives, or choosing their sexual partner. Teenagers use the different methods of birth control wrong. Teenagers do not have the adult mentality to choose a partner they want to be with at their age, which causes them to make the wrong decisions about their partners, which cause them to make wrong decisions and here is an unwanted pregnancy. The majority of unwanted pregnancies occur because teenagers do not really do not see how easy it is to become pregnant, or how they should know how to use birth control methods correctly. A lot of teenagers feel that they love their significant other, and so they began plan for a baby but their focus is not to look at the financial obligations that follow.
Sex before marriage can play a great role in a teenager’s emotional factor. Teenagers feel all kinds of, emotional loss after