Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq

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When an American citizen goes to vote on the first tuesday after the first monday in November, they’re not directly casting their vote for their candidate of choice, their vote is used to see whether their states electoral votes go toward the republican or democratic presidential nominee. The reason for this is the Electoral College system. The Electoral College is group of elected representatives from each state who cast the majority vote from their state. The Electoral College is a very unfair system of voting for many reasons, such as someone could get the most votes, but still lose the election because they got less electoral votes. Other reasons it is an incredibly unfair system is that the “winner take all” idea goes against the idea of popular sovereignty, and the Electoral college deters citizens from voting. WIth the Electoral College, it does not matter if majority of America wants a certain candidate to be president, it is basically up to the states as a whole to decide the president because of the “winner take all” system. The winner take all system is a horrible system because it basically goes …show more content…
In the 2000 election, the candidate with the popular vote (Al Gore), lost to the candidate with less votes (George Bush) because of electoral votes, according to document 5. The same turn out happened in the elections of 1876 and 1888. In the election of 1824, there were 4 people running for the presidency, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and William Crawford. “Since no one received a true majority (51%) of the electoral votes, the vote went to the House of Representatives…” (Document 3). If there is no clear winner, the House of Representatives chooses the new president, which is far from fair. The people should choose who the leader of our country is, not the