Should The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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The Electoral College does not support political equality in our country. The winner take all system favors some voters more so then others based on which state they live in. Unless a vote is cast for the winning candidate, it has minimal to zero effect in the outcome of the election. The distribution of votes is improper under the Electoral College. If we were to use a direct voting system, no matter what state a citizen resided in their vote would equally be counted.
The electoral system of our country is based on a winner take all ideology, and has stripped Americans the value of their vote. There is little to no power behind the vote of national citizens in the United States. Disproportional voting is the norm under this winner takes all system. Those who support the candidate not favored to win the election
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Stated in the article, Point: Abolishing the Electoral College, “The president is the country’s chief diplomat, commander in-chief of the armed forces, and, considering his power to propose and veto legislation, arguably the chief legislator” (Bolinger 2007, 180). The most important vote that a citizen could cast is arguably for the president, yet it is the only election that does not follow the standard of elected officials. The Electoral College goes against the majority, whereas a direct vote would represent the super majority of the nation. Best discusses the direct vote saying, “since it is based on a one-person-one-vote principle, it more clearly makes a president the agent of the people and not of the states” (Best 1996, xiii). The Electoral College creates the idea that individuals are first state citizens and second national citizens. Best talks in her book about how reformers believe that the president should not be the “president of the states” but instead, the “president of the people” (1996,