Should the Government Control Who Can Legally Purchase a Gun Essay

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Thekemia Williams
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June 12, 2013-FINAL COPY
Should the Government Control Who Can Legally Purchase a Gun?
The government should control who can legally purchase a gun based on the circumstances and reasons for wanting to purchase a gun. Based on the circumstances meaning if you have a convicted felon trying to purchase firearm should be based on the felonies. If a convicted felon has violent crimes they shouldn’t because of their past convictions, but if a person is a convicted felon but doesn’t have a violent crime they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns for the protection of their families as well as themselves.
Initially, the government should control it because of the world has had insane things happened it should be limited whom should be allowed and shouldn’t be allowed to purchase should be controlled by the government. If the government is going to control whom shouldn’t and should purchase needs to specify the rights as far as the convicted felons. They shouldn’t have to go through or get the government’s approval.
Additionally, gun purchases should and shouldn’t be controlled by the government because people have rights, but also might purchase guns for the wrong reasons. We as Americans have rights to protect ourselves as well as our families meaning we have the right to bear arms and with the government being in control is another way of saying the government controlling how we protect our loved ones. It should be specified why does the gun needs to be purchased, for example if it’s the neighborhood, country, state, or maybe city with the violent crimes that has happened and the government haven’t had any control over what has happened in the world.
Furthermore, the government shouldn’t because they don’t have control over the deaths or injuries with people who has guns legally. Besides, the government is out of control, the world is out of control, and the people that run the government is out of control so how and why would the government want to have control over something such as firearms, when everything else is out of control? The government has bigger things to