Should The School Board Be Responsible For Updating Records?

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Presenter: WilliamTitle: Shark fin ban gets voted down in MississaugaSource: The Toronto Star | Do you think that people will be responsible enough to not overfish or is the law necessary for the shark’s survival?I think that people will realize that the issue of overfishing sharks for their fins, but continue to purchase and have a strong market for this product. And if sharks fins were banned, there would be black market purchases where people could purchase shark fin. I think it is very hard to ban shark fin because it is used in many cultural dishes. | Presenter: Monica U.Title: Ottawa students facing suspension over out-of-date vaccine recordsSource: CTV News | Should the school board be responsible for updating records? Why or why not? Yes, I think school boards should be responsible for updating records due to the fact that students can lose the vaccination records, and parents can forget to update the record as well. Having schools update the records rids the doubt of the student not getting a certain vaccination and possibility of receiving a double dosage. | Presenter: MithuisanTitle: Justin Trudeau TV ads make pitch to end negativitySource: The Toronto Star | Do you think the ads changed the perspective of Canadians about Justin Trudeau? Why or why not?I think that the parody ad of Justin Trudeau informs the public about this career pathway. But if Justin’s Trudeau's supporter or other supporters are satisfied with what he is doing, their perspective will stay the same. Other viewers may also perceive this advertisement as another reason to support Justin Trudeau due to the fact that he has lived a very normal Canadian life and understands the perspective of the people. | Presenter: BenedictTitle: Ottawa’s VIP jets becoming obsoleteSource: The Toronto Star | What do you think the government should do about these four challenger jets? The four challenger jets could go down under repair, so that they can be updated and have the newer technology in them so that they are not posing a risk of failure during an important flight. Or they can be put into a museum where they can be opened up and displayed to the public. | Presenter: SangaviTitle: Weapons charges tossed after boy, 12, is strip searchedSource: Article | Do you think there should have been consequences for the police doing an improper search other than a stern warning? | Presenter: SaamiaTitle: agency withdraws casting call for CBC show that specified “any race except Caucasian”Source: National Post | Do you agree with CBC’s decision to exclude Caucasians in order to have more diverse TV hosts? Why or why not?I do believe in diversity, but the process CBC took to create more diversity in their set was very racist. They should have taken other measures to look for a more diverse cast. However I do not think that a certain race should be excluded. These is a job that people work hard to achieve and are dreams to others, if one has the talent and commitment they should not be denied the role due to their race. | Presenter: SandiyaTitle: Ontario Education divided on resuming extra-curricular activitiesSource: | How do you think Bill 115 would have affected our lives if it wasn’t repealed?Yes, going to school would be very lifeless, with little to no social events. Many students would not be able to be on sports teams and committee’s that can benefit them in post secondary education. Many universities and colleges look at school sports teams and involvement for scholarships for certain programs, some students would be missing the opportunity to do so due to this act not being repelled. | Presenter: AnushanTitle: Richard Kachkar is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell.Source: Toronto Sun | Should the law be more concrete or should it accommodate to people with special cases? Why or why not?I think the law should accommodate special cases such as mental conditions and such,