Should The Second Amendment Be Abolished Essay

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On December 19th, 1791, the great fathers of America established possibly the greatest amendment, the 2nd amendment, which states that all American citizens will have the right to own and carry firearms. The reason they established this amendment because of England and how their king was too powerful; therefore they didn't want the government to take over and have too much power. If they did America would not be considered a public run country run by the people and not so much the government. Some say the 2nd amendment should be abolished, but those people have too much trust in the government. Over the past 30 years above 25 percent of the mass shootings were caused by illegally obtained guns. People can make guns out of anything; therefore, abolishing guns won’t get rid of shootings, if anything it will increase them. Criminals that start mass shootings don’t follow the laws because they are going against the law to commit the crimes they commit. If you look at a family that is just minding their own business and walk into a bank. Then a robber comes in with a gun he got off the black market and kills half the family after he leaves. If the family was …show more content…
They need background checks and should be not so harsh on letting law abiding citizens having guns. Some of the people in america say that the gun control should be more strict to reduce crime, but really how many criminals get their firearms legally anyway? Gun control is just another way of the government of America tries to get more powerful and that is what the second amendment states. So that the people can overthrow the government because how do you really think America started? We had to go to war against Great Britain to get away from the King. So the real question is are you for stricter gun control or are you with having gun control but still keep the second amendment that our forefathers created for us to have