Should there be a limit to Fakery Essay

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Should there be a limit to Fakery?
Have you noticed the evolution of a new species of human beings, who appear to closely resemble living, breathing wotsits! This species can be recognised by their distinctive skin tones on the orange spectrum of colour. It is inconceivable and in fact appalling that these individuals feel compelled to disguise themselves in this manner.
The desire to appear glamorous can make slaves of us all. Cosmetics, lotions and potions can sometimes detract from the inherent and natural beauty we each possess; as the adage suggests “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and comes in many varieties from the visual to the spiritual. On a visual level I would question the need to disguise a natural and unique beauty, by embodying a mass produced image dictated by the media. More importantly, at what cost to the individual?
A ‘lightly’ applied ‘natural’ make-up can enhance a natural beauty; however, a current trend has evolved in which the comprehension of these subtleties have been completely lost. This trend involves their faces not only are they caked in make-up but also the need to achieve a tanned look is a vital prerequisite of the style often resulting in a rather orange result. Generally speaking the level of make-up involved is comparable with either stage or circus make-up!
Furthermore, many more foolish youngsters are risking their lives for the sake of vanity. However, what these juvenile women aren’t aware of is the permanent damage caused by sun beds. To expand on this; sun beds give off UVA rays which make up the equivalent of 95% of sunlight, through ultraviolet rays which increases their risk of developing skin cancer.
But at what cost? These women are risking death or at best facing the possibility of cancer and all the emotional and physical pain associated with the diagnosis for what? Will they still have a smile on their face when they have to explain to their loved ones the reason why they’re dying, because they were reckless and careless with their skin? Will they feel adamant that the cost of vanity was worth the sacrifice? But it’s not just the make-up that’s just an element of the look as other elements involve the use of Botox, fake lashes, fake nails, fake hair, fake breasts and not forgetting caterpillar eyebrows! My question is why do