Essay on Should Weapons Be Allowed On Campus

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Kc Martin
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November 21, 2012

Should Weapons be allowed on Campus?

Unfortunately in the last two decades school killing has become much more frequent. Tragedies such as Combine and Virginia Tech still in engraved in many students’ minds raises questions on just how safe a school campus really is. Many people believe students and professors should be able to enact their 2nds Amendment right “The Right to Bear Arms” at school for mental comfort. However there are also a number of people who disagree with guns at school period, fearing it would cause even more problems. In order to achieve complete safety without taking away freedoms of being a student, a new security approach needs to be installed. The solution to this problem is full body scanners just like the ones used in the airport. While reading Timothy Wheelers article “There’s A Reason They Choose Schools” Timothy expressed his frustration with schools rejecting guns on school grounds, implying that tragedies such as Virginia Tech could have been stopped if other student and faculty members were allowed guns on campus as he States “ If any one of the victims had, like the Appalachian School of Law student, used armed force to stop Cho, lives could have been saved.” I understand where Wheelers coming from, but in reality if everyone were allowed to bring guns to school the campus environment would become extremely hostile and edgy. Students and teachers would always have to be on constant guard and could easily become a target. According to Jesus M. Villahermosa JR. the author of the article “Guns Don’t Belong in The Hands of Administrators, Professors, or Students” Villahermosa JR. described his experience being a former deputy sheriff for 26 years, and discusses why guns shouldn’t be allowed on campus. He brings up many valid points for administrators to consider if guns were allowed on campus implied here “Will faculty and staff members be prepared for the possibility that they may miss their target (which has occurred even in police shootings) and wound or kill an innocent bystander? “ Valid points like this shows Villahermosa JR. Experience with guns compared to Wheeler who uses poor logic. Instead of students and teachers carrying weapons around campus to feel protected, why not have a less intense atmosphere by using body scanners. Yes body scanners do invade ones privacy, but it’s a minor deterrent in saving lives. Ever since body scanners were introduced in airports hardly any