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academic writing isn't primarily personal ("I grew up in Alaska, so I know all about...") Reasons why academics (and you) should use the first person: to directly respond to another scholar's ideas ("I, however, disagree with Smith's assertion because...") to clarify a point in the writing ("I do not intend to claim that all women...") to put the writer's thoughts into perspective ("My thoughts on this subject are clearly influenced by my gender...") to simplify wording ("the relationship between corporation and universities consumerism and religion is suggested to be.." versus "I suggest that corporations and universities..."In the past, scientific writers avoided the use of "I" because scientists often view the first person as interfering with the impression of objectivity and impersonality they are seeking to create. But conventions seem to be changing in some cases? for instance, when a scientific writer is describing a project she is working on or positioning that project within the existing research on the topic. Check with your science instructor to find out whether it's o.k. to use "I" in his/her class. Social Sciences: Some social scientists try to avoid "I" for the same reasons that other scientists do. But first person is becoming more commonly accepted, especially when the writer is describing his/her project or perspective. Even though it is considered improper to use I in an academic essay there are times it can be used effectively. [ In many cases, using the