Shrock paper one

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Sean Baas
Shrock 412 paper 1
Burglar on the Job Throughout the novel Burglars on the Job: Streetlife and Residential Beak-ins, the authors Richard T. Wright and Scott Decker study the interactions of those who are within the subculture of being burglars and how, why and who they commit these offenses toward. Within this paper we will be discussing the relationship of Merton's anomie theory and how this theory correlates to the acts and motivation of the individuals to accomplish the ability to acquire the means of society. Also we will be evaluating these individuals by explaining Hirschi's social bonds theory allowing this to help us better understand those who have personal relationships and what effects this has on the
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When his grandmother finds out his grandmother will combine the label to the person, with an added aspect the person who was doing the theft loves their grandmother so it displays how his connection between him and his grandmother can be detrimental to their relationship. As a process, labeling comes after the fact of the burglary. To enable the thoughts of not stealing one will understand how stealing from his grandmother will hurt the bond between the two. Also the individual will overcome the intentions to steal even if the hustler needs the money. An alternative that a participant brought up was that these individuals would also ask to borrow money. Most of the lenders knew that the money they were handing over was not going to be repaid but since a social bond existed it was less stigmatic to borrow money and not pay it back then, to go behind their backs and steal from them. Socialization is the way individuals relate to how an individual's develops morals within a culture and how these aspects create the rules of life for these individuals. When a person does not have control of themselves this is called low self-control. Low self control is parallel to socialization when someone who is in depth with socialization of the outline to societal norms one is able to grasp the guidelines to create a stronger personal gain within society. When one does not understand the "how to" of