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Justin Bieber
Professor Lioi
PHI2600 Ethics.
29 August 2013
Major Influence In My Life
My mother has been the major influence in my life. My mother has taught me to have a positive attitude, keep an outstanding behavior, and to stay disciplined. My mother took me to church every Sunday so I could learn about god so I could respect his laws without breaking them. She taught me to love and respect the almighty god. She made me go to church every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and encouraged me to go to bible study and choir. My mother was a single mother that worked two full time jobs so she could only take me to church when her schedule was not full. While going to church 3 days a week, this laid faith in my heart for god and respect. I am thankful that my mom made me go to church. My mother influenced me to become what I am today and some of those characteristics are perseverance, and her sensibility. She taught me to keep loving through the good and the bad. She is also incredible at getting things done. It does not matter of the situation; my mother always comes through with what needs to be done. My mother would do anything for anybody if they needed the help. When someone asks for something, she is always the first one there before anyone else. I will never understand why my mother’s heart was so big, but I hope to grow up to be just like her. My mother is the best friend that I have ever had. She gives me the best advice to make my life better. My mother always tell me to stop getting frustrated over the smallest things, to be more giving and humble, and to strive for success in school, if there is anyone who knows my insecurities, flaws, and the things that make me mad, it is my mother. She knows when I am happy or sad. She knows exactly how to change my mood from bad to good and honestly, I do not know how she does it. To me, my mother is perfect just the way she is. The characteristic of my mother is none of what other mothers have. Sometimes I feel like my mother is a role model to me because of the things she has done. The perseverance that my mother told me; taught me to never give up on anything I want to go for. She told me if I never give up then I would become a successful person in life. My mother’s dream in life was to be successful and to never give up no matter how hard she tried. When my mother taught me these things, I said to myself that I would not give up in life even if something did not work for me. The last thing my mother had was a sense of responsibility. My mother would cook, clean, and drive us to school, which was being a house wife. Even though my mother was a single parent, she never failed once while taking care of us. My mother was the person who helped the community to make it a better place. My mother influenced me in becoming a responsible young man and I am truly happy I learned from her. My mom was not just a hard working young woman. She is a woman with respect and integrity. She raised and taught me to be just like her or better. The one thing