Shuttle America and Medical Paper Charts

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OBJECTIVE-Successfully convert FOXWOOD Clinic(s) from medical paper charts to new electronic medical software called EPIC. Trainers will make certain the staff receives the fullest attention as well as become comfortable with the software as well as adhere to our budget. OUTCOMES- All Offices will have the newest technology and the ability to communicate electronically regarding patients and is on point on today’s standards of government regulations and standards; Staff will feel very comfortable after this training with the software and will be given a survey/questionnaire for accurate feedback on the training.

To have an operational and successful transition, the communication between all fox wood clinic offices and all their current/future stake holders are all aware and prepared for upcoming events. All meeting will be scheduled by a web-based design, All training should be shortened overtime to ensure accurate attendance. Each clinic will have checklist to their needs for the successful conversion to each clinic for all information and advancements for government regulation/policies.
Here is an updated tentative schedule to review with your staff. Please make certain you view the minor changes from the prior schedule and indicate any changes as soon as possible.

Schedule (subject to change):
Employees will arrive in MCI (KCI airport) at approximately 7:30pm
Shuttle will be waiting to bring all employees to Embassy suites hotel(we currently obtain a contract with this hotel)
Employees will be able to eat a continental breakfast prior to training which starts @ 10:00am on the first day and the same on the second day
Translators will be available for those who require them (they will be near the front of room)
Training/conference rooms are located on the first floor (specifications included and will be posted)
Training on both days will end approximately at 4:30pm

Lunch will be provided for both days however, our budget does not compensate for dinner(s). Hotel provides room service and taxi to nearby restaurants (at the employee’s expense)

Trainers will observe each user to ensure their comfort level as well as provide a short quiz on the second day to indicate which user may require additional training

A shuttle will…