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Sibling Changes One’s Life According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, ‘A sibling is each of two re more children or offspring having one or both parents in common.’(Oxford Dictionary of English). I am not the only daughter in my family. I have a nine-year-old sister who is really naughty. I have lots of experiences that can show that life with a sibling is extremely different from being the only child in a family. Having a sibling who is smaller than you changes one’s behavior, responsibility and personality. One obvious alteration of behavior for having a sibling is your behave style. Before you have a little sister or brother, you can do whatever you want and act like a child. Everyone in your family will treat you like an ingrown child. In contrast, when you have a sibling, you have to follow rules and spend your free time taking care of your little sister. I have this own experience of taking care of my sister all day long. It was really boring, and I am forced to do this thing. Therefore, after I went through everything, I realize that I was grown up and became more mature. Having a sibling changes not only your behavior, but also your parent’s treat about you. Prior to having a little sister, everyone in my family adored me because I was the only daughter. Once my sister was born, they treated me like an adult, which is really different from my sister. Another conversion for having a sibling is your responsibility. ‘I am becoming more bound after I have three sibling.’ Said Ms. H. As the example of Ms. H, we can notice that having a sibling can not only make one’s more responsible, but also be more protective and patient. According to the article ‘how to be a good sister’, there are four ways to be a good sister: be thoughtful, spend time together, keep the peace and boost morale. (Paragraph2) we can see that those points are all about taking care of your sister, which can make one’s become a culpable sister. The third adjustment I want to talk about is one’s personality. Nowadays, psychologists started to research the interaction between siblings; this relation may change our personality. (Sibling relation effect each other’s personality paragraph 1) the