Discussion Questions On Siddhartha

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History 100: Siddhartha Discussion Questions
1. Why are we reading this book in class?
The reason we are reading this book it gain a better understanding the ideologies and culture of the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Siddhartha starts off as a Hindu search for enlightenment, but feels as though something is missing. His passion leads him to find the enlightened one, the Buddha. His story gives a great deal of insight into the two religion and is a great way to get a firsthand knowledge of religions that a lot of students may not have much exposure to.
2. Why did Siddhartha choose to leave his comfortable life behind?
Siddhartha chose to leave his comfortable life behind because of his devotion to find enlightenment. He believed that his community and family had taught him everything they could. Yet, he had still not found that for which he was looking. When the Samanas came through his community, Siddhartha decided to leave and follow them in hopes that they would lead him to find exactly what he was looking for in life.
3. Why did Siddhartha choose not to follow the Buddha? What, in contrast to the historical Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddah), did he reject in doing so?
Siddhartha chose not follow Buddah because he believed that he must find his own path to enlightenment. He rejected the historical Buddha formula for enlightenment by not following the traditional teachings and doctrines. He believe that everyone’s path to enlightenment is different. With this belief, he took off to find his own way rather than follow the traditional path.
4. What roles do Kamala and Kamaswamin play in Siddhartha’s life?
Kamala and Kamaswamin help guide Siddhartha through his journey. Siddhartha had always followed the strict teachings of the Brahmin and Samanas. He had never experienced the temptations from which he had been taught to break free. Kamala and Kamaswamin act as teachers by showing him the desires in life such as sex, money and power. They allow him to break free of his former desires and experience the different desires as he