Siddhartha Character Analysis

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Jon Deritis
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Siddhartha essay
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“Learning is a two way bend in a river.” –Jon Deritis
There is a lesson to be read within any book; especially books where main characters find themselves battling between opposite perspectives. In the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha battles between two different learning perspectives: Didactic and Experiential learning. Siddhartha grew up as a Brahman, the wealthy side of the Indian social class, and hated the lifestyle. He leaves home to become a Samana. Soon after Siddhartha finds that he is not getting enough, he moves on and finds a woman by the name Kamala. Kamala dies from a snake bite, and years later after his son has ran off, Siddhartha develops his own path to enlightenment through Vasudeva. Vasudeva enables Siddhartha to find his own lesson within the following river. In the beginning of the book, Siddhartha realizes that he grew up in a didactic living style, so becoming a Samana, he believes he can learn experientially. “Then the father realized that Siddhartha could no longer remain with him at home- that he had already left him” (pg. 9) Siddhartha was idolized as a Brahman, but hated the didactic learning style he was forced to endure. Siddhartha and a man named Govinda, a childhood
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In the becoming of being a Samana, Siddhartha realizes that he is not getting what he searched for, eventually leading him to find love. “Whatever for should I be afraid of a samana, a stupid Samana from the forest, who is coming from the jackals and doesn’t even know yet what women are?” (pg. 50) Siddhartha finds himself falling for a woman while he is not experienced, becoming more and more accepting of the didactic learning style, while kamala teaches him love. Many years later Siddhartha became tired of the Brahmin life style once again, bringing him back to a man he once met before on a