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Siddhartha Essay SIDDHARTHA

Siddhartha is a character that has awesome skills that he had developed by reading and taking time to do things which have lead him to be successful in life. Siddhartha is very proud of his abilities to be patient and think fast. These attributes helped him to get a job with Kamaswami as a merchant. These are some of Siddhartha's life achievements that makes him proud. This shows that siddhartha is intelligent and that he has the capacity to do more things. This is probably why he flaunts it, and is proud of these skills so much. In this essay I will discuss each of these skills individually, and show how they apply to his life, also what they do to teach him, or show him, and also show how they help him.

The skills that siddhartha has are something to be proud of. It's awesome when a man can think on any topic, give feedback, and reflect on it. They are rated as very valuable in any situation or job. However, when Kamaswami first meets Siddhartha, he is instantly impressed

with his ability to read and write. Now we see how this ability to think can gain a man instant respect and appreciation. Siddhartha has been reading, writing, meditating, and studying. Is evident that if you or I worked that hard, we would have the same achievement he has, and try to apply our abilities to anything we do. Besides from thinking though, Kamaswami is also impressed with waiting as we see when he says, "Writing is good, thinking is better. Cleverness is good, patience is better."

Siddhartha possesses an incredible level of patience, that proves to be important since his quest takes a lifetime to accomplish. He progresses through spiritual explorations, experiences failure many times, but persists until he reaches his goal. The instantaneous, transmission of
Nirvana from Siddhartha to Govinda demonstrates that Siddhartha has found the important understanding they have both sought for so long. Siddhartha have finally reached his goal. As much as Siddhartha thinks, his ability to wait is something that defines his character even better.
I have found, in all my years, myself to be impatient. The ability to wait also the ability to think, and fast. Through of all his studies, Siddhartha had to wait out the training of different teachings he went through to know truly in his heart, that they didn't apply to him.

The moral that siddhartha teach us about human behavior is that in order to be successful have to be patient and think outside the box.Through all of Siddhartha's stage his most significant lesson is learned in the