Essay on Siddhartha: Gautama Buddha and Siddhartha

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The way Siddhartha went through life was that he did not want to be taught but be his own teacher, he did not want to be told what to do but find his own path. His path was set out to him by his father to become a priest but Siddhartha knew that his thirst for knowledge was not being quenched. His father demanded that he would stay but Siddhartha had to follow his heart then finally “the father realized... that he had already left him”(Hesse,12) to go in pursuit of being a Samana. After years of studying with the Samanas Siddhartha still felt as if his heart was not full so he had to leave and again someone tried to stop him but he knew he must move on. The old man did was angry and did not let Siddhartha go, but he wasn't going to be a Samana forever so he hypnotised him and made him “bowed several times, gave his blessings and... wishes for a good journey” (Hesse,24) and Siddhartha was off. He left with his friend Govinda and they stopped to her the teachings of the illustrious one. Siddhartha knew he was very wise but he knew he could not learn all the world had to offer by following him like his friend did so they parted and Siddhartha went on his way. The next challenge he faced was not just leaving his friend or family but wealth and a beautiful women, Kamala. After a while he realized that wealth could not fill the emptiness in his heart and he had lost everything he had ever known so he had to leave all the riches he had because he became unhappy and lost himself