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Into The War George Washington in December 1752 was made commander of Virginia Militia. He saw his first action in the French and Indian war. Due to his amazing leadership he was greatly respected. I fought along side him, and there was no man I respected more. My name is Patrick Demarzi. Washington attended the first and second continental congress and was even put commander and chief of the Continental Army. Washington would keep everything together. When we all felt like giving up, he would help us push through. On top of his motivation he also gave great tactics of fighting. One time when the British were chasing us, we all became frightened. The British group following us was much bigger and stronger. He told us to set up camp and fires. His next step was very clever. We were to pick up, but leave the fires going, so the British were unaware of our absence. We then sneaked around to accomplish the escape. The British later realized that we had left in the night. They must have been furious. In January 1759 he became married to Martha Dandridge Custis. And guess who his best man was? Yup me! They had children and she already had 3 children of her own before George. But he was happy anyways. As the taxes came in and war started up George Washington was ready. He fought many battles. He had his loses and wins but the one thing I remember best is the battle of Yorktown. Washington had lots of men, like 17,000. They all were prepared for him. I can remember his smile when he heard the French were coming. The smile grew even larger when he heard Cornwallis decided to put his base at Yorktown.
Washington had Cornwallis beat with Cornwallis’ men at an amount of about 9,000. Washington knew he had to act fast. He wanted men to block Cornwallis’ escape by land with Marquis de Lafayette and 5,000 American troops, while the French block a water escape. Everyone’s blood was pumping. The first shot fired in this battle had to have been Marquis and the troops.
Men had come back with wounded, who were screaming. Medics were going into the front lines to help. Brothers were fighting brothers. The war made boys into men. I went to help the medics in the front lines.
Washington kept hoping the battle and war would just end. He was giving all he had in this battle. He knew if he didn’t take the British in that battle he may never see America’s