Sierra Leone And Canada

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Jennifer Love
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Sierra Leone and Canada

According to World Health Organization (WHO) statics shows, “every day in 2010, about 800 women died due to complications of pregnancy and child birth, including severe bleeding after childbirth, infections, hypertensive disorders, and unsafe abortions.” (www.Who.Int) Not all countries or regions are rich, but not all countries or regions are either poor. Some countries rank the richest materials but do not focus on the health populations, while some countries rank the poorest but choose to focus on the safety of health. I have concluded my research and narrow to two countries, Sierra Leone and Canada. Based on WHO, Sierra Leone rank the highest female mortality rates with 1,100 estimates of deaths because of underinvestment in health program, malnutrition and harmful practices. “Sierra Leone also has the worst record for prenatal care, with one in eight women dying during pregnancy or childbirth, compared to a one in 76 average in the rest of the developing world and one in 8,000 in the developed world.” ( The lacking of prenatal care and health program affects the population in Sierra Leone and the challenges they face is to scale the programs to rebuilding their country. Despite the rich resource they offer, minerals including diamonds that could fulfill the economy supplies yet there are so much of wars fighting over the land and this brings the rank of horrendous abuse and rapes. The lacking of human unity affects female mortality rates and children’ survival, “If you’re a child born in Sierra Leone you have a more than one in four chance of not living to see your fifth birthday.” ( Take a look at Canada, their female mortality are much, much lower compare to Sierra Leone. With the health care program, sanctuary hospital and the regulation rules and law, females have more chance of survival after birth and with all the medications attentions will be fulfilled, “In Canada, everyone is covered automatically at birth – everybody in, nobody out.” ( Canada offers a better health program for citizens in Canada, and all of their medication and expense will be paid for. Canada Health Care system strives for healthy lives, for everyone. It is