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Who is Sigma Aldrich?
Popular to many scientists and lab personnel as the go-to resource for research lab chemicals, Sigma Aldrich is a life science and high technology company, known for being traditional and stable. Sigma Aldrich possesses over 270,000 products in 40 different countries, which shows that they are an extremely large global company (Sigma Aldrich). However, they are struggling with appealing to the younger audience. Sigma Aldrich needs us to develop a strategy/message to sway scientists and lab personnel from being aware of their products to preferring their products. As of now, they heavily rely on their brand name to sell their products, which is the main reason they rarely interact on social media. By coming up with specific ideas, our team can help Sigma Aldrich become the company that scientists prefer.
Possible Social Media Notions
Sigma Aldrich does not have popular social media sites, and while being a scientific company that might be difficult to accomplish. However, since their challenge to us is to appeal to the younger audience, perhaps increasing the popularity on some of their social media sites could at least allow new scientists to become aware of their products. But as we know, this is not their challenge to us. Furthermore, if Sigma Aldrich were willing to give out free samples for the first 100 people to like their post or for the first 50 people to retweet their tweet, that could potentially allow new scientists, and even scientists currently using their product, to prefer their product over one of their competitors. Another way that Sigma Aldrich could persuade scientists and lab personnel to use their products as opposed to competitors is by rewarding customers who use their products frequently. For example, if a researcher in the medical school at Wash. U. has been using Sigma Aldrich’s products for two years, perhaps they should receive a discount or special offer on new products. These are just a few examples of the many ways that Sigma Aldrich could help move scientists from being aware of their products to preferring their products.
Ideas to Improve Advertising
After watching YouTube videos of Sigma Aldrich compared to their competitors, it was obvious that they need to do a better job at advertising their products. When asked how Sigma Aldrich does most of their advertising, Dan Kriss, the marketing communications manager, stated that “they mainly rely on their brand name to do the advertising for their products.” But since