Sigmund Freud Complex Concept Theory

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Personality Theories
About sex and aggression
3 Personalities of Sigmund Freud Complex concept model 1. Id- source of motivation anger, hunger, aggression, in a biological since. Not rational not realistic tolerate inconsistencies; Operates by primary process the id only wants to experience the idea. Does not interact with the reality. Instant. Become aware of a feeling. Source of the impulse and if it comes conscious. ID- means “it” in German. Unconscious as an impulse. It doesn’t 2. Ego- secondary process. Deals with reality. Acted out the feeling. Ego means “I” in German. Can go anyway. Can I get away with this or not. Rational practical thinking 3. Superego- super means “above” in German. Knows right and wrong. The conscious, value, and guilt. Judge and places limited the superego. Extremely rationalizational. To protect
All 3 compete with each other. Each processes in a different way. Main dynamic is when they try to deceive themselves about who they are about the feelings to be alive.
Psychopaths- don’t have a superego or ego because the idea is different and then others. Example: bar scenario. Don’t have a conscious or predict when they will be caught. They can get out of it. Don’t experience guilt or remorse or common sense to predict what is going to get them caught. Not afraid. Because they have never been punished. Fearless.
Neurotic- nervous, anxious
Anxiety comes from severe place the ego cause but the superego having concerns that lead to guilt. Powerful superego, too powerful is one who denies his or her own feelings. Superego can deny the impulses coming from the id. Deny they are your own. Part of defense mechanisms. Deny what you are. Makes the person hurt the person is going to be anxious and in pain all the time, when the superego is big. Defending against impulses that will defend us.
Defense Mechanisms- transformation in neurotic people
Reaction Formation- behavior reflects the exact opposite of what you are feeling. The id has some kind of impulse. Raised to think feelings like that were not allowed. Strong feelings and raised to think unacceptable. Solution the id and superego collide; instead of explosion settle twisting of