Name Sign For The Philippines

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Name sign for Caleb
Aunt Kristin elephant
Uncle Rudy color lobster
Ariana (sister) black zoo
Gaby (sister) brown monster
Josie (sister) white orange (fruit)
Ainsley (cousin) red watermelon
Teddy (dog) orange strawberry
Miss Melissa (teacher) yellow blueberry
Drew (cousin) Green apple
Mommy blue banana
Papi/Daddy purple grapes
Uncle Juan pink pear
Grandma What color ? peach
Grandpa farm egg
Friend owl milk
I/me butterfly cup/glass
Baby dog water
Class cat juice
Boy mouse soda
Girl fish eat
Sister bird drink
Work duck thirsty
Job horse hungry
Name cow cookie
I love you (3 words version) pig cake
What’s your name? chicken cereal
Who? Rooster bread fireman Rabbit/bunny crackers
Bike sheep/lamb cheese
Car goat pizza
Airplane squirrel ice cream
Train frog candy
Boat snake popcorn
Bus turtle corn on the cob
Helicopter earthworm chocolate