Significance of Feedback Sessions in Improving Performance Essay

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Reflective Account
I started my apprenticeship at *** on the 4th march 2013 and from this time I undergo one-to-one’s with my line manager. These one-to-ones help me to improve my performance at work. I find the purpose of improving my performance at work is not only to help me at work but it allows me to complete work more effectively and with my performance being better it can help the business to run more smoothly. There are many benefits to improving my performance at work, one of these is I am exceeding my own limitations/performance and this can help me to learn new skills and produce quality work that meets the standards here at ***
In my first one-to-one my line manager said we will go through each part of my job role (quality calls, paperwork, social networking updates) by accepting this feedback and encouraging it by asking how I can improve my performance this lets me explore my parts of my job role. I believe it is important to encourage feedback from others, and not just encourage it but to accept it as feedback is essential as it allows you to see your work from another person’s perspective.
Learning and development can improve my own work in many ways. For example I undertook some training with my colleague he showed me how to use publisher. This training was set by my line manager in my previous one-to-one to help improve my performance. By doing this it can also help to benefit the organisation because it means I can create resources that can be used effectively by Eden.
I believe that whilst I am at ** I have the valuable chance of progressing in my career and I have the chance of development opportunities by undertaking more qualifications and accepting advice on which training sessions I should attend to help me improve. After my business administration level 2 qualification I am considering undertaking business