Essay Sikhism and Amrit o Nanak

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O Nanak, there is only One Ambrosial Nectar; there is no other nectar at all. ( 1238)
They alone drink it in with love, who have such pre-ordained destiny. ||1|| (SGGS, 1238)

Reciting the name of the lord through the Shabad, the Name wells up within, and through the Shabad, we unite with the Lord. Without the Shabad, the whole world is gone insane, and it loses (human) life in vain. The (Guru's) Shabad alone is Amrit: O Nanak! It is obtained by becoming the Gurmukhs ||2|| (sggs 644).
What use is reading and listening,

if celestial peace is not attained? ||1||

The fool does not chant the Name of the Lord.

So what does he think of, over and over again? ||1|| (654)

To love god
Brahmins in India claimed that language of God is Sanskrit. Guru Nanak disagreed, he said that language of God is love: (Japuji Sahib, page 2 SGGS)
Says Nanak, the Guru has explained this to me, that love for God brings lasting bliss.
O mind, love the Lord, as the lotus loves the water. Tossed about by the waves, it still blossoms with love.