Silas Marner Essay

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Noah Entrekin Silas Marner Essay Assignment
Mrs. Nichols
Honors 10
3rd period

What is the importance of Marner’s return to the lantern yard? Perhaps the complete destruction of the religious power that once stood. Perhaps it was the change in culture. Maybe it’s the dramatic change in scenery. It could also very well be the disappearance of Marner’s old comrades.
Let’s start with the religious power. First off people must realize how ridiculous religion is. Religion is an omnipotent and blinding power that pulls people into a false sense of secure unity and interdependence. People have to accept that there is no god/gods that we are on our own. (Also if you are religious you must be insane so go watch darkmatter2525 on YouTube.) Marner's experience with the destruction of his religious beliefs in Lantern Yard and Ravenloe along with the regaining of faith with the help of Eppie reveals the author’s intent and shows the importance of marner returning to the lantern yard and shows underlying theme of religion throughout the novel.
Second and perhaps the one that makes the most sense (And makes way more sense then religion does) is the disappearance of marner’s old comrades and the people he grew up with. After he left he felt that he had been betrayed and that followed him threw a great deal of his life. When he returned to lantern yard the people he had left were now gone.
In conclusion the importance of marner’s return to the lantern yard is not