silent cancer Essay

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Judith Aguilar, January 17, 2014, Paper 1
Silent Cancer
Thesis: Time is precious, something that every human values. Why medical researchers blind the population from the truth about silent cancers and their reasoning to keep quiet and not keep society informed is rather a debate that needs to be resolved.

The arising problem with Silent Cancer is the ignorance it carries. Cancer itself is a treacherous disease; it is accompanied by death, sadness, and pain. The community is believed to be united as some sense of family. To seek the wellbeing of thus who surround us is only moral. Medical Researchers study and learn the vast explanation and the truth behind Silent Cancer whether it being in our pancreas, liver, ovaries, kidneys, bowel, or prostate. They're all possible, silent cancer is dangerous and comes accompanied by unusual and reoccurring symptoms. When discovered the cancer is already spread throughout all organs, meaning death is quickly followed. Informing society whether it is in the news, articles, or health magazines. This would increase the knowledge of silent cancer so that the community is aware of possible symptoms that could arise with this type of cancer. Silent Cancer is an insidious epidemic. It has been around for centuries, we are shocked with the idea that a cancer can be undetectable until the latest stages when it has already become practically invincible. Knowledge can’t shield us or protect us from being diagnosed with silent cancer in our organs but the ignorance could also be our cause of death. Being able to detect silent cancer at an early stage gives a window of