Essay on Silent Ears, Silent Heart

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Silent Ears, Silent Heart

I thought that Silent Ears, Silent Heart was an excellent book. It really gave you a full prospective of what a family and a person has to go through living a life without being able to hear sound it also helps you realize what someone has to go through that can’t hear what is going on around them. The book starts off with a couple named the Clines there’s Mr. Cline who is Jack who runs his own multimillion dollar business in a glass production. His dream is to have his son at his side and follow in his footsteps and run the family business someday. Then there’s Mrs. Cline who is Margret who is a stay at home wife that is waiting the arrival of their child. The book starts off with them being a typical
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This is the moment she realizes that she needs to be able to communicate with her son. That is when she decides to sign the papers to send him to a school to teach him how to communicate with others.
Then when Christopher was twelve new neighbors had moved in next store they had a daughter named Nicole. They were about the same age and had made a connection very quickly that they knew they were going to be best of friends. Nicole was a very shy girl and didn’t really know how to respond to Christopher’s disability yet. She had learned a little bit of sign language in school but was still too shy to try and use it with Christopher so she just avoided eye contact and stayed quiet. After a few weeks Nicole brought Christopher over to her tree house as they were up in the tree house Nicole started to fingerspell words to him, he was shocked he didn’t know how to react so he just didn’t do anything. After a while she just gave up and it was time for dinner so she left. The next day he meat back up with her and tried to redeem himself after acting weird the day before they started to communicate more and Christopher started to show her how to sine different words without finger spelling. This brought them to be even closer friends not knowing that it was the beginning of a very long relationship.
Many many years later, Nicole and Christopher got married. Christopher took over the family business and brought it