Silhouette Gundam: A Short Story

Words: 329
Pages: 2

Her "blind" shot had completely failed and, worse yet, allowed for the interloper to fire off that beam cannon of his again. The shot was slow, almost unbearably slow as she watched it come torwards her.
She'd dodge it like she had before, no problem at all!..Or so she thought.

Her thrusters began to warm up, preparing to boost off to the side with a little Gunpla high-speed side-step of sorts. However, the desert decided to strike her as well. Dust going up into the Silhouette Gundam's intakes causing her boosters to have a rare misfire, giving only just enough power to cause her to stumble in the dirt rather than move.

She recovered from the stumble just in time to look up and see the beam blast her right in the face, so to speak. Much