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Jared Anderson
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Monguls Compare and Contrast Essay

The Mongols affected Russia and China in many ways as a pursuit to become an economic powerhouse. The Mongols were primarily motivated by economic growth through taxation and their actions were aimed at the desirable attributes of each societies in order to generate more wealth which they could tax. The Mongols were flexible and economically efficient with the peoples that they had conquered, they allowed them to practice any religion, co-existing within the empire, even though they overthrew Confucian bureaucracy, they recognized its values and adopted some of the core principles it had to offer. They committed significant resources to the Silk Road trade routes, they promised a safe trading environment. The Mongols made administrative and political decisions that would be needed to become the economic great that they were. The Mongols conquered both Russia and China and went under a total transformation to Mongol rule. In China the Mongols eliminated the civil service exam and got rid of the reoccurring brainless bureaucratic lifestyle they were used to. In Russia the Mongols installed a new dual system of regional administration but eventually let the princes run the conquered territories. This is because the Mongols were only concerned about taking money from the Russians. If they got their money, they were allowed to govern themselves. The Mongols allowing the Russians to govern themselves actually made them harsher on the peoples being taxed. Peasant's in Russia were taxed by the Mongols and the Russian princes so they suffered the most. In contrast the Mongols were very grateful of the lower class in China because with their success would