Essay about Silk Road and New Ideas

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Everything has two sides and cultural contact is not an exception,it has both advantages and disadvantages. Cultural contact like we are making friends. Good friends can teach us knowledge and skills but bad friends can only teach us to do worth things. They will make our fallen and loss of self. Cultural contact is same.

In source 1, it shows the negative of cultural contact. By the source, we can know how the Beothuk perished. Europeans religious beliefs, social values, and cultural traditions were very different from Beothuk. Beothuk and Europeans clash. The natural resources decline. Someone was starvation. There did not have food. They could just wait for dead. Others got some serious disease. They did not have doctor at that moment. Europeans controlled Beothuk’s lands and killed them. This is so cruel. We can not do those things in this peace world. Unfair trade between Europeans and Beothuk. Europeans get benefit and new ideas on how to do things like irrigating and growing foods but Beothuk get death.

In source 2, the picture is about the movie “Dance With Wolves”. It shows the positive of cultural contact. This movie is about First Nations and American called John. They do not trust each other at first. Gradually, they start to make friends. Then they are sharing technologies. John give the gun and ammunition to the First Nations when the war is coming. They get teamwork. Finally, they defeat the enemies. John become the hero of First Nations. They live together in peace and they exchange knowledges and foods. They respect each other. At last, John considered as one of the First Nations. This movie tells us a good example of the cultural contact. In the cultural contact, we should share the advanced things to each other and use the peace way to contact.

In source 3, it is the picture about The Silk Road. The Silk Road is an important route to contact Europe Africa and Asia. It covers about 8000 km on land and sea. Europeans brought valuable and rare goods from