Silver Linings Playbook Essay

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In the movie Silver Linings playbook the main character Pat has bipolar disorder. At the start of the film Pat was just released from a psychiatric hospital. Later on in the film, Pat meets Tiffany. Eventually, Pat connects emotionally with Tiffany; a woman struggling with her own mental health issues. Also, the movie shows Pat’s father as a man with symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, including strong superstitions and pathologic gambling.

Silver Linings Playbook has some flaws in it’s portrayal of mental illnesses. The film perpetuates society to believe that individuals with mental health conditions are dangerous, violent, and unpredictable. An example of this from the film is the character of Pat got into many fights and beat
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One example of is Craig's roommate Muqtada is diagnosed with depression and doesn’t get out of bed. realistically depressed individuals still try to function with depression and go through their daily lives. with the exception of Craig the other patients in the mental health ward are showcased unrealistically and humourously.

Seeing so many stereotyped fictional characters with mental illness impacts how we see real people with mental illnesses. In the movie Bobby had violent outbursts. Bobby is diagnosised in the film with deppresion viloent outbursts don’t actuartely protyray that he has depprwesion and also countuioes to pepeurutate the steryotype that people with mental illnesses are vioent and can cuase others harm.

Craig, Muqtada, and Bobby three influential charcters in the film all have deprresion but the potryal can confuse the genral public about sympotoms of deppresion. The movie makes audience members feel like deppresed people stay in bed all day, have viloent outbursts, and are extremley axinous. all those symptoms aren’t true for people with mental