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When watching a movie or reading a book, theres going to be major and minor

differences from each other. The book would rather describe a little more in depth and can explain more that happens through the text, and with a movie it can show you a visual in a shorter amount of time. A novel usually leaves you wondering to make you think what might happened at the end without giving a full closure on the story. As with a movie it usually has a main plot that leads up to this dramatic ending which you can kind of predict on whats coming next and how its going to end. In the novel “Silver Lining
Playbook” there are some minor differences from the movie which lead the endings to two separate ways from both the movie and the novel. One of the differences that stood out from the novel and the movie was the dancing scene. The dance is a major part of both the novel and the movie and in each they describe the scenes differently in a way to describe the charters and their relationship they have with each other.

The dancing scene is a major part in both the novel and movie. Everything that

was going on before in the story and the whole theme was leading up to the dancing scene. The main purpose that was brought out during the whole process of training and practicing was a sense of an escape from reality for both Tiffany and Pat. This was a time they shared together to forget about Nikki, Tom, and their issues. In the dance

room it was sort of their safe place they formed together. They use this as another form of therapy that kept them sane. Tiffany in a way was helping Pat stay focus and clam through the dancing and the time they spend together. They both donʼt know it in the beginning but the Silver Lining is being developed through out the process leading up to the dancing scene.

There were some differences on how the dancing scene played out in both the

novel and movie. In both the novel and the movie it started out pretty much the same way that the dance was an agreement made between Tiffany and Pat. Pat asked Tiffany to give Nikki a letter, and Tiffany agreed to be a messenger between Pat and Nikki if in return Pat would be Tiffanyʼs dance partner. In the book one of the agreements was for
Pat to give up everything with football for the time being for training. The dance was only a little charity event called “Dance Away Depression” that Tiffany did every year (on page 183). In the movie it was made out to be this big dance competition and they were competing against professionals. Also in the movie Tiffany didnʼt make Pat give up football, actually every time Pat was with Tiffany the Eagles won. Also in the movie football was tied together in the end with a bet between Patʼs dad and his dads friend
Cliff. They made a bet that the Eagles had to beat the cowboys and also Pat and Tiffany had to score at least an average of a 5 in their dance competition . But in the novel
TIffany lied to Pat and told him that she wanted to win first place and get the the golden trophy so he could focus a lot more. After the dance she told him there is no first place win she just wanted him to do his best (on page 209). Also another difference between the two is that Nikki came to the dance competition during the movie but wasnʼt there in

the novel. Minor details can add up to a bigger differences between both the novel and the movie.


One of the major differences was how the dance was performed in the movie

from the novel. In the novel they gave you the name of the song which was good because then you were able to get a better visual on the dancing. The song in the novel was called “Total Eclipse of The Heart” (on page 207). In the…