Similarities Between Animal Farm And Russian Revolution

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“One man with a gun can control 100 without one” - Vladimir Lenin. This quote describes the novel Animal Farm. Animal Farm was written by George Orwell and it is an example of an allegory. The events and characters in this novel were very similar to those in the Russian Revolution. In particular the character Squealer was very identical to the historical figure, Lenin. They both tried to control animals/people, they led them into dictatorship, and they used propaganda and persuasive speeches to fool them.

The events in Animal Farm were similar to the ones in the Russian Revolution. First, both Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution had bad leadership. In Animal Farm the animals were whipped by their drunk farmer. Similarly, in the Russian Revolution their leader would treat the people with violence. In both cases the citizens were starving. In Animal Farm the animals were not always fed, their farmer was lazy. This is similar to the Russian Revolution, their people were starving because of food strikes and the Czar did nothing to try to feed them. Both, Animal Farm and The Russian Revolution had to with the concept of equality. In Animal Farm the concept “animalism” was being abused by the pigs,
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This essay consists of the similarities between the Russian Revolution and Animal Farm, Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas ll, and lastly the similarities between Lenin and Squealer. All of these events/characters used lies and control. With lies and control they got nothing accomplished, the whole government turned into an even bigger problem than what it was in the beginning. Mistreating people and lying to them is not going to make a better government, it is only going to make it worse. If lies, control, and mistreatment is used in a type of government the people will feel unpleasant, upset, and bad about their county or