Similarities Between Delaware Valley University And Harcum College

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College is an exciting experience for every student, whether choosing classes, joining clubs or even visiting and selecting a school. Schools are categorized into two basic groups, large and small schools. Delaware Valley University and Harcum College are both small schools and although they share multiple similarities; There are far more differences among them. This paper will examine the many differences and the many similarities between these schools. First, Delaware Valley University is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It offers over twenty-five, four year undergraduate majors on a spacious campus. It offers extracurricular activities for students to join such as clubs, and athletic programs. There are many sports to choose from football, baseball, basketball, track and field, golf, equestrian, cheerleading, and much more. The campus sits on a beautiful, bountiful farmland, home to a functioning farm including a farmers’ market, and livestock. Sprinkled all over the campus are the historic class room buildings where every student before has studied. In the middle of these beautiful buildings lies a spacious, green, and lushest quad. Delaware Valley University attracts very “country-living” people. Many students leave their own farms to attend class, and others come from the city to attend …show more content…
Almost all classes are held in the same, single academic building, which also contains the School Store, Tutoring Center, the Office of Continuing Studies, and the Library. It does offer extracurricular activities for students, some clubs, and a few sports. These sports include soccer, basketball, track and field, cheerleading, and a few other sports. It offers one housing building on campus, which allows resident students more time and availability to get to know each other. Harcum is located very close to the city, allowing many city students the chance to