Similarities Between Frank Miller And General Zaroff

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e it gives him pleasure. He likes going up against something that can match his wits and use reason, not only instinct. Not only that, but another man could possibly outsmart Zaroff and maybe kill him. In contrast to high noon, “Don't you remember when he sat in that chair there and said-You'll never hang me! I'll be back! I'll kill you! Kane! I swear it, I'll kill you! (Foreman 68). From the quote Frank Miller is furious and is warning Kane and Mettrick that he will be back to kill them for revenge. Will Kane and Judge Mettrick almost sentenced him to death, yet they couldn't. This was perfect and gave Frank a great opportunity to kill Will Kane. As you can see from both quotes General Zaroff and Frank Miller kill for different reasons. Zaroff for pleasure and Miller for revenge. Although both stories have antagonists that have different objectives the setting of the two is used quite similar
The movie and the text’s setting both
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These traits shape the plot into both stories. Both antagonists in the stories kill for different reasons. In the movie Frank Miller and his gang kill for revenge, but in the text General Zaroff kills for pleasure. The setting in both stories is similar, by creating a place that is isolated, lawless, and characters using the setting for their advantages. In the text Rainsford created a tiger pit out of the settings items to catch one of the dogs. In the movie, Kane was able to get to a barn for cover against Frank Miller and his gang. The two stories, create two different themes that are useful in everyday life. One from the movie is that, who has the right to kill, and law and order. In the text the theme is that fear can change all of us, sometimes for the worse but other times for the better. All in all the movie and the text create a plot and story that have some similarities and differences we can learn