Similarities Between Henry Ford And The Dodge Brothers

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The invention of the automobile, an incredible feat of engineering, vastly impacted the economy during the Industrial Revolution. One of the first developers of the car was a man named Henry Ford. In the beginning of his automotive production, he outsourced major components to other companies, one of which was the company run by John and Horace Dodge. The Dodge Brothers business relations with the Ford Motor company grew more and more until, one day, after getting in a fight, the Dodge Brothers sued Ford Motor company, breaking their affiliation with the Ford Motor Company, and producing their own cars. Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers had certain similarities and differences in the areas of their upbringing, their early success, their use of the assembly line in production, the effects of war and their personal views on war, and the effects of labor unions on their company. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Ireland, along with his brothers William and Samuel and his sisters Rebecca, Jane, Nancy, and Mary. The Ford family was in the farming industry in Ireland, growing potatoes as their main crop. However, in 1847, when Ireland experienced the infamous Potato Famine of 1847, the Ford family was forced to move, and chose …show more content…
In 1896, Ford had finished his first automobile, known as the quadricycle (Collier, 34). In the August of 1896, he sold his first car, for a mere $200, and immediately began building his next. Then, after sever years of making quadricycles on the side, as stated by Peter Collier, “Although Henry was without a company at the time of this great leap forward, he didn’t quit or panic; he simply moved in another direction, deciding to make himself a household name… by building a racing car,” (Collier,