Similarities Between Holden Caulfield And Jim Stark

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Both Holden Caulfield of “Catcher in the Rye” and Jim Stark from “Rebel

Without a Cause” are young male characters growing up in the 1920s. Holden is a kid

that needs someone to care about him like his family. Holden is very negative about

everything. Jim tries to make friends and be positive. Jim also has a family that cares

about him. These two characters have important similarities and differences. Similarities

include friendships and romantic relationships. Differences include family and attitude

towards life.

One way that Holden and Jim are similar relates to friendship. Hold and Jim are

similar in friendship because they have a hard time making friends. Holden always lies

to his friends and argues about everything.
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Another way that Holden and Jim are different and

relate is attitude towards life because Holden is so negative and Jim just feels like he

doesn’t belong but he still tries to make friends and do the most with his life and Holden


In conclusion, both Holden and Jim share some similarities, while they also have

important differences. They are similar in regards to friendship and romantic

relationships. Holden and Jim are very alike in their friendships, they have trouble

making friends. Also romantic relationships because they both like a girl but don’t really

know how to talk to them. They are different in regards to family and attitude towards

life. Holden never mentions his parents when Jim lives with his parents and they care

about him. Holden is always so negative about everything and lies his way through life

and Jim feels likes he doesn’t belong but he tries. One society can still learn from these

1950s characters is that you have to live to the fullest no matter what. Everyone fits in,

you just have to find a place where they are like you and like doing what you